Havent blogged in ages but so many things happened just these 2 weeks! I don't even know where to begin! Lets start with what made me blog in the first place…

I saw this post on FB about how a parent named their kid Sudden Lee because the birth was so unexpected or was it before the due date? I forgot what was it about but that brought up the old ass song but the Beatles- Yesterday…

Oh! I found it!!!

So this is how it went…

Sis: Suddenly~
Me: *sings* All my troubles seem so far away~ 
Me: *laughs hysterically*
Sis: You're lucky you're not tone deaf. 

The funny thing is, this is not the first time. Me and lyrics are the worst! Unless I'm completely in love with the song and know the words by heart. Every single word. Haha! Happened with so many songs and she always gives me the "…" look.


Well, I'm in a good mood today. Long day tomorrow. But its Tuesday! It will be great!

Side note:
Thank you for your sweet words. 
It left a smile on my face. 
Up till this very moment. 
I'm missing you so much more now. 

Legit me when i received first notice the text…

"Whatsapp message from xx"

Then i read it and…

Well… If you must know, I still do too.

Although the text didn't end on a sweeter note… Im still glad it happened. Like i said before, i support you. No matter what your decision is. But please try to keep it on a more reasonable level and always remember to be the bigger person.


And on another happy-ish note…

Finally checked Zouk out! Halloween!!!

Hmm… I guess my expectation was too high? Disappointed I don't think ill ever go back… Visited Trec as well… Guess i was "overdressed" for Trec? Not my kind of place too. Then again, maybe if i went with different company it would have been different?

The crowd was really different. Not satisfied.

But yeah!!! Everyone there who dressed up was either cute, super hot or just scary as shit. The scary ones caught my eye! Major love!

And… Oh gosh! I bumped into so many friends that i haven't met forever! They asked me what i was… I said just your average "pretty girl" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! I know, lame. But i really didn't go as anything. But i did finally wore the corset i bought from ages ago out. Finally had the guts to. Heh heh.

Note to self: 
Do not ever wear corset to clubs. 
Cant dance. Silly me. Lol.

But yeah… A pic from that night?


And oh! It was so cold!!! Okay, dancing helped but it still is damn cold! I guess the up side is that my makeup didn't melt and drip off my face. HAHAHA!

I want to party.

"Life is one big party. Enjoy every minute of it."


Happy Birthday, you.

I know you're a whole lot happier now. That makes me glad. I'm happy for you. That cheesy, "Im happy that you're happy" shit. Yeah. Its happening.

But id be lying if i told you I'm 100% happy for you. Im just glad that you're happier now i guess. I will continue to support every decision you make. *kar yao!* - Looking forward to February.

I hope you have (a) great birthday celebration(s).

Beggar or King,
I wish nothing but the best for you…
And most importantly,
i wish you joy and happiness.


"i loBe you."


You, again. You.

I love you. 
I love you more.
I love you most.
I… Shit. Damn it.

I remember…
… always losing. 

I can't explain. I just do. 

Well… I did.
Lets hope it really is past tense…
Considering how you've moved on.

Im glad we happened. 
Things happens for a reason. 
You showed me that. 
Im glad you're happier now.

Im a sucker for pain. 
You're the only one who knows that.

"IMY. Rawr."