"You look different;
You look happier…"
He said

I am.
I love things the way they are now.

"You changed;
You became softer…"
He said 

I did.
Last I acted tough, i got my heart broken.

"I miss the old you;
Back when you weren't like this…"
He said

She's long gone.
I am an upgraded version of me.

"I know you're ignoring me;
Why would you do that…"
He said

If i respond negatively, I'm rude.
If i respond positively, I'm leading you on.


When his voice puts a smile on your face
Then it leaves a hole in your heart
How long will this smile really last
When you already know it's going too fast 

Say my name again
Sing for me once more
Just this one last time
Then I'll leave and take it all


The sweetest thing was said
In the air freely it flew
But it was not the face I saw
Neither was it the voice I knew
Behind all that laughter
Behind all that smile
I was expecting no one else 
- but you