Double Texting

So… I just double texted someone…
And it is a big deal.

I mean… I don't/rarely reply messages! Usually people has to double text me before i reply.

Note: Im saying this in a way that i am pretty much off everything (social meeds) at the moment to focus on whats "important" right now.

But yeah… 
I just told my friend that i just double texted someone and my friend was like,

"OMG! THE SL just DOUBLE text someone?!"

Hahaha! I am… 

This is the 2nd person I've double texted since my ex. Oh gosh! 

Desperate, much? 
It felt like… 

This shall not continue. Haha! But its a good memory. 

I think i like your company.

Why does this even bother me so much. Hahaha! Ooh i was looking at "ego and desperation" on Google and saw this beautiful positive message. Love! 

Anyway, back to more "important" things… 


"Once you connect with yourself, its impossible to be lonely or desperate."



Its raining really heavily as i type this… And for some weird reason it brought up all the weirdest thought.

I noticed how much i hate being alone now as compared to before.

Its weird… I used to love it. Love being able to sing at the top of my lungs, dance like an idiot, and just being able to do anything i wish. Everything.

I mean i used to always want to be alone.

Is it possible that i have lose the enjoyment of life?! No way. Haha!! But the feeling isn't pretty. Everything around me was so loud yet so quiet at the same time. Oh wells.

Im probably just thinking too much.

What has changed?

"Things do not change, we change."


Oh, Frank…

That smile. 

OMG Hahahaha!! This is perf…

On the other note…

I really miss them…

And who could ever forget FRERARD!

On replay: Im Not Okay (I Promise)

Random but totally relatable:

Im exhausted.

"Im not okay. You wear me out…"