Bersih 3.0

I wanted to post a comment the moment i saw videos of the overturned car but i held back. I seriously feel so stupid for doing so. After i watched this interview session, there were just so many things running in my mind. And honestly, i am doubting my love for the country. BUT no matter what, i won't let some government change my mind on my love, my country.

The video which sparked this post:

(Titled: Bersih denies losing control by Malaysia Kini)

Questions which are going through my head as i watch this video:
Why dont they listen? Why are they making things so difficult? Why are they causing so much problems?

But more importantly, why arent they standing by their people but going against them? So far as to cause harm against their citizens!

Would we want a government like this? NO! Lets not even start with Lynas and the "TIDAK BERSIH-NESS" in the government.

Im really disappointed. It breaks my heart to hear such news and to see all the innocent peaceful CITIZENS OF MALAYSIA being hurt by their very OWN GOVERNMENT.

Other thoughts on this video:

(Titled: What the government wants us to think)

If you're not afraid to show, why take away all sort of photographic and video evidences? Are you afraid that people would see the truth? Lets not even start with censorships (See video above)! I even heard that there were policemen going undercover and what not. WHY?

But really, why be the government of a country when you CANT even rule properly and love those "under" you well. Weve done so much and everything was based on what YOUVE said. Why cant you listen to us? Make a place for rallies to be legal and take some time of to listen to what your citizens wants. And actually DO SOMETHING about it. That is a government we would want.

Wheres the justice in this!? What happened to fairness? Or should i say, when will the citizens get their say?!


WTF?! Please lar... Don't change facts into lies. Goodness. From BBC to this?! Why would you want to mislead people? Its not the people's fault. You know, i wasn't as mad but this... Is really TOO DAMN MUCH. Hello, stop pushing everything away. Just admit and make things simple lar! Argh! Im so pissed right now.

What happened to being BERSIH!
PS: We should have this word BANNED. Like you know... ;)

"We are definitely not moving forward. We are falling way back. Government, instead of spraying tear gas, why not save some money to keep or country moving straight AHEAD."

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