Only In Malaysia

So i was doing my coursework and just like everyone else, i checked my Facebook (Please change my password? Just until next month!! Hahaha...). I saw a video Tony shared and it got me laughing like nobody's business!!

Stress... Relieved.

Its a short video directed by Jin Lim and Reuben W.J. Kang in collaboration with; Starring lots of recognizable faces with special guest appearance, Greyson Chance; at many familiar hang out spots.

You might think, "Oh god, thats a long video." (Or at least that was what i thought in the beginning) but trust me, you would want to watch it! Its really worth watching! Hilarious!!!

Watch till the end! Where little Vanessa was asked for "her opinion" on some famous football team. Liverpool was the best! Haha! *Bfft*

On the side note:
Sigh. Im so sick of doing my coursework.
1 down, 2 to go... Then its time to prepare for exams.

But I'm all happy now! Just finished the whole bucket of Haagen-Dazs ice cream!

I <3 Pralines, BIG TIME! 

Wish me luck...

"The Used- Im A Fake. This song brings back so many A-levels memories. Ahh... =')"

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