Cycling at Botanic Garden, Putrajaya

Okay i was supposed to blog about this last year but since i actually didn't have the time and only now i have found the time to blog, here we go! =D Baby, his friends and i went to Putrajaya for a cycling outing. If I'm not mistaken it only cost us around RM4 to enter and rent a bike. It was a pretty place with nice path to cycle.

Who was there? 
1. Seng and baby.

2. Cheong and Shu May.

3. Myself.

Woohoo a random picture of baby and i. Hehe.

So we cycled around for a bit then the guys decided to drift... Yes, bike drifting. It was pretty hilarious really.

 This is the bike we got. Tyres: Not bad, driftable. HAHAHA!

So after much drifting, it started drizzling. So we cycled our way back but fortunately for us, it kind of stopped drizzling and got sunny all over again. Then baby did some crazy stunts. So did Seng. Haha!

Okay i really don't know what to say in this post other than i had tons of fun. =) Check out the bum bums!

Another random shot! (Baby lost balance when he recorded a video of all of us. Haha! *Made my heart drop*)

More bum bums.

After an exhausting and a very much dehydrating cycling session, everyone had a drink of 100+ and had Bou Bou ban mee for lunch!

For dinner, we had dinner with my family. =) Happy happy!

And baby, being the sweetheart he is, drove all the way to Curve so that i can have SHIMINO CREPES! Hahaha!! Yummy. Thank you baby! <3

I wish for more fun outings like this.

"I love sports but an extreme fail in music. Sigh why lar. =/"

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